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Interested in learning more about the detection of food pathogens via real-time PCR? Well, why not take part in our workshops that we offer on a regular basis? They allow laboratory employees from the food and beverage industry as well as from government and private laboratories to meet our food safety experts. The sessions are both interactive and theoretical allowing participants to gain practical, hands-on training about the setup of experiments, equipment, data analysis as well as our latest developments in PCR-based rapid tests. Our introduction course allows beginners to get better acquainted with our various product lines capable of detecting pathogens in all kinds of difficult matrices and in really short times.

Our Workshops in 2020:

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Here you can find more information about all the workshops, courses and events we have on offer:

  • REAL-TIME PCR (04 March)

    Introduction to real-time PCR

    This one-day workshop is aimed at participants just getting started with real-time PCR, or have already used this method and want to deepen their knowledge in the area. You’ll learn about the general principles of real-time PCR, including experiment setup and data analysis. Following this, you’ll receive practical hands-on training for DNA extraction and real-time PCR, using our foodproof® kits. All necessary materials and equipment will be provided on site.

    In addition, you will have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with different real-time PCR cyclers, such as the Dualo32, the AriaMx, the Lightcycler® 96 and the Lightcycler® 480 II and will be trained on how to operate them. You will learn about the technical specifications of the cyclers and the corresponding software systems. A detailed data analysis of the acquired real-time PCR data will also be made available.

    Topics of the Workshop:
    • checkIntroduction to the general principles of real-time PCR
    • checkHands-on training in the lab for DNA-extraction and PCR setup using our foodproof kits - all materials and necessary lab equipment will be made available
    • checkTraining on different real-time PCR cyclers for low and high-throughput
    • checkComparison of real-time PCR cyclers that we offer (technical specifications, cycler operation, software, etc.)
    • checkDetailed analysis of the real-time PCR data obtained during lab training

    Language: English
    Location: Potsdam, Germany


    Personalized training course

    With more than 20 years’ experience in food diagnostics we want to help you to successfully master your future tasks and overcome challenges. We offer hands-on training adapted to your needs to help set up your lab, improve your skills and provide you with background information.

    Possible workshop topics:
    • check

      Different industries (e.g. meat, beverage and beer, dairy, fish and seafood, …)

    • check

      Variable parameters (e.g. foodborne pathogens, spoilage organisms, viruses, GMOs, allergens, including instruments like real-time PCR cycler and robots, analysis software and consumables)

    • check

      Difficult complex matrices / sample preparation

    • check

      Other topics on demand

    Language: English or German, other languages on request
    Location: Potsdam, Germany


    International Networking Event: New methods for microbiological testing in the brewing industry

    From 14-15 May 2020 in Weihenstephan, Freising, Germany, we will be leading an international networking event that brings together experts from within the brewing industry. The conference will present the latest technological insights into microbiological testing methods for brewing beer.
    Scientific studies on this matter will be discussed by opinion leaders from the Research Center Weihenstephan for Brewing and Food Quality (BLQ) in Bavaria. In addition, the colloquium will also be supported by other expert opinion leaders from the Research Institute for Brewing and Malting Technology (VLB) outlining the latest breakthroughs from research and industry.

    Our expert speakers will be broaching topics such as:
    • check

      Presentation "Microbiological trouble-shooting in breweries using tailored solutions" and insights into microbiological analyses at the research center Weihenstephan by Dr. Mathias Hutzler, TUM

    • check

      Presentations "Analysis of Legionella" and "New approaches for identification of mixed cultures in beverages by MALDI-TOF MS" by the Research Institute for Brewing and Malting Technology, Berlin

    • check

      Presentation "Enrichment Methods for Beverage-Spoiling Yeasts" by Dr. Florian Priller, BIOTECON Diagnostics

    Language: English
    Date: 14 - 15 May
    Location: Weihenstephan (Freising), Germany

    SPECIAL OFFER: After registering and paying the €250 fee, you will receive a promotion code valued at €100 (valid until 30.06.2020) which you can redeem when you place your next order with us.


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Dr. Constanze Klopfleisch

+49 (0)331 2300-253
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LOCATION: All workshops will take place in Potsdam - Hermannswerder, Germany.
(Tax: For Germans plus VAT)

Includes one overnight stay at the Inselhotel Hermannswerder or an equally suitable hotel, workshop documents, catering and confirmation of participation. Not included: other travel costs.

980 € per person, per day,
50 % discount for a 2nd person from the same facility / institution
(Tax: For Germans plus VAT)

Includes catering, workshop handouts (English or German) and certificate of participation. Not included: hotel and travel costs.

LOCATION: Weihenstephan (Freising), Germany.

Fee includes all documents, certificate of participation, catering and dinner at the "Weihenstephan Bräustübl". Not included: hotel and travel costs.
We have allocated reservations in Weihenstephan and will send out all relevant details following your booking.

SPECIAL OFFER: After registering and paying the €250 fee, you will receive a promotion code valued at €100 (valid until 30.06.2020) which you can redeem when you place your next order with us.